AUTHENTIC - Not false or a copy, true, trustworthy, genuine, real, accurate, reliable
     As AUTHENTIC women, Sisters ABLAZE are comfortable in their own skin and never have to pretend to be someone            else. Uniquely designed by the Master, they are secure in who they are and recognize that they were created to be                  different from  others around them.

BOLD brave, daring, courageous, unflinching
      As BOLD trail blazers, Sisters ABLAZE are fearlessly stepping up and stepping out – changing the world around them,           one sister at time.

LOVED valued, prized, precious, treasured, respected, important, esteemed, adored
      Dearly LOVED and treasured by the Creator, Sisters ABLAZE accept the love of God and share it with those around               them. 

APPRECIATIVE grateful, thankful
      As living examples of an appreciative life, Sisters ABLAZE honor God through their daily activities.  They have an attitude       of gratitude.   

ZESTFUL enthusiastic, passionate, dynamic, energetic
      The ZESTFUL spirt of Sisters ABLAZE glorifies God as they enjoy every stage & phase of life to the fullest. 

EMPOWERED Invested, endowed, enabled with power
      Sisters ABLAZE are EMPOWERED to inspire and ignite a passion in other women to reach new heights



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